With all the work, family, social life, and personal plans going on left and right, it’s easy to lose track of everything else around you. The clutter, both in your room and in your life, will always creep up on you. But, it does help to get started on the small things you can fix right now! Here, we’re sharing 8 of our best how-tos on decluttering a messy space and mind.

1. First things first, don’t get overwhelmed.

It may seem like there’s much to do, but all you got to do is start reorganizing what’s in front of you!

2. Start small.

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Tackle the small, easy-to-spot clutter first, then work on getting on to the bigger loads such as your room or your closet. Building a basics-inspired capsule wardrobe helps in keeping your space neat and clean.

3. Declutter your morning routine.

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Having a good and focused morning start will make you feel less scattered throughout the day. Give it a try!

4. Try uniform dressing on weekdays!

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Another weight you can take off your shoulders is the stress on deciding what to wear in the mornings. Pro tip: You won’t go wrong with basics! Save your bold shirts for the weekend, and one-up your weekday looks with accessories instead!

5. Finish any one-minute tasks you can work on!

Clutter is nothing but the little things you didn’t put away or deal with the other day. Make it a habit to finish the small tasks from start to end and you’ll see your clutter will considerably lessen with it, too.

6. Swap your caffeine with healthier options.

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Speaking of habits, lessen your caffeine intake if you’d want to be less anxious throughout the day. Caffeine spikes up your alertness, but so does the clutter in your head. Go for more calming options like tea, for example.

7. Clear all your surfaces.

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It’s simple: Out of sight, out of mind.

8. Make time for things you love to do!

One way to declutter your life is to work on hobbies you love to do! Get back to the things that makes you happy, and you’ll see how much of a difference it makes.


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