There are two types of people in the world. The ones who wake up early, and the ones who don’t. Or you could be the third kind, late-risers who force themselves to wake up early because it takes half an hour for them to decide what to wear.  

Tired of fussing over what to wear to work? Take note of these five easy outfit formulas that’ll help you decide your weekday workwear in a snap!

Co-ords + Graphic Tee  

Basic Blazer, P1299 ; High Waist Shorts, P799 ; Regular Tee with Print, P499 (Left)
Striped Blazer, P1199 ; Paperbag Trousers, P1099 ; Regular Tee with Print (Right)

If you don’t have the time to pair your tops and bottoms, wearing a set of co-ords is the way to go! Pick a fun graphic tee to go with your co-ordinates for instant quirk.

Jumper Dress + Turtleneck Tops

Turtleneck Top, P599 ; Jumper Dress, P899 (Left)
Boxy Tee, P599 ; Basic Boxy Tee, P599 (Right)

Hit the snooze button too many times? Just throw on a comfy jumper dress over a basic top to guarantee an outfit that is stylish as it is easy.

Bold Jacket + Basic Tee + Jeans

Trucker Jacket, P1299 ; Boxy Tee, P599 ; Skinny High Waist Denim, P899 (Left)
Basic Boxy Tee, P599 ; Boyfriend Blazer, P1199 ; Slim Mid Waist Denim (Center)
Lightweight Parka, P1299 ; Skinny Mid Waist Denim, P999 (Right)

Having a hard time mixing and matching pieces? Just go for some easy-to-pair ultimate basics! Extra tip: layer on a bold jacket to elevate your neutral basic tee-and-pants combo! Not only will you look great, but it's also a foolproof way to stay warm in the cold office.

Graphic Tee + Trousers

Boxy Tee with Print, P499 ; Pleated Mid Waist Trousers, P1099 (Left)
Regular Tee With Print, P499 ; Slim Trousers, P1099 (Center)
Regular Tee with Print, P499 ; Pull-up Trousers, P899 (Right)

The simpler the graphic prints are, the easier they are to mix! Wear a simple graphic tee and match it with a pair of waist-hugging trousers. Now you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style!

Striped Shirt + Solid Bottoms

Striped Longsleeve Shirt, P999 ; Skinny Mid Waist Denim, P999 (Left)
Striped Longsleeve Shirt, P999 ; A-Line Skirt with Skinny Belt, P1299 (Center)
Pull-up Trousers, P1099 (Right)

Not an expert in mixing and matching? Just fall back to the usual stripes-and-solids combo!


Now you can get that five extra minutes of sleep!

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