Bought a nice shirt recently, but realize it’s too cold to wear by itself? With only two major seasons in a year, it can be frustrating to have to store our summer pieces and wait for months before we can wear them again. It’s hard to say goodbye to those summer tops and it’s especially hard to store them away, leaving it to dust.

Don’t want to do another wardrobe cleaning? We got you! Here are layering ideas you can try out for the coming cold season that can also change up your usual work wear!

Pullover + Jumper Dress

Jumper Dress, P899 ; Basic Pullover, P799

Can’t let go of your summer dresses? You don’t have to! Just wear a cozy pullover under it to keep you both warm and stylish for the workplace!


Double-Breasted Blazer, P1299, Regular Tee With Print, P499 (Left) ; Bomber Jacket, P1299, Striped Shirt, P599 (Right)

Whether it’s tees, halternecks,or sleeveless tops, just put on a jacket! For a more professional look, wear a double breasted blazer over your summer outfits. You could also put on a bomber jacket for a more smart-casual look in the office.

Turtleneck Top + Shirt

Striped Longsleeve Shirt, P999; Turtleneck Top, P599

Your usual dress shirts aren’t warm enough for you? Try putting on a classy turtleneck top under a crisp shirt to keep you looking polished and withstand the cold office mornings.

Wrap Dress + Solid Tee

Printed Wrap Dress, P1299 ; Basic Mock Neck Tee, P599

Like what they say, don't knock it until you try it! This work outfit may seem a bit odd at first, but wearing a solid tee under a billowy wrap dress can become your next statement piece at the office!


Striped Button-Up Shirt, P899, Oversized Scarf, P399 (Left) ; Regular Tee With Print, P499, Oversized Scarf, P399 (Right)

Added bonus: wear your summer pieces like usual and just put on a scarf! For not-so-chilly days, you can just braid it around your neck, or wrap it around your shoulders as a shawl!

Now you don’t have to do another wardrobe cleaning!

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