The New Year is fast approaching, and it’s about time we learn the art of letting go this 2018.

It’s finally the last week of 2018 and the season of resolutions, changes, and new beginnings are just around the corner. While it's tempting to get a head start into the New Year, hold your horses, and settle the remainder of the year first before diving into 2019. Read on and take notes on how you can let go of the clutter and start 2019 fresh.

ART OF LETTING GO_Clean up the messy space.jpg

It’s always easier to start letting go of the things around you first, and that includes your personal space. Make it a point to organize your room because this is what you will wake up to every day next year. Invest in organizing your belongings with intention and start rearranging existing clutter now.

Follow the 4-month rule: If there is anything you haven't used in the past 4 months, then it’s time to let them go.

ART OF LETTING GO_Take out the old and unused.jpg

We are all guilty of stocking up on things we don’t use or haven't used in the past year. For 2019, make it a point to donate or sell old clothes and make room for quality essentials you know you can use every day.

ART OF LETTING GO_Eliminate the unnecessary and unhealthy.jpg

Letting go means cutting things from one’s daily lives, and that includes what you put in your body. Resolve bad eating habits, cut back on sugar, or snack up on more fruits. Make 2019 your healthiest year yet.

It only takes 21 days to create a new habit, start a good one this New Year!

ART OF LETTING GO_Change your mindset.jpg

This is both the hardest and most rewarding resolution you can have this New Year: letting go of an old mindset. Change is always necessary and to move forward to a New Year, one has to learn to evolve with life's circumstances. Focus on a mantra or a saying, and stick with it. Having a renewed mindset paves the way to a fresh chapter next year.

What’s your new mantra for the New Year? Share with us your New Year’s resolutions!