Think before you act, it’s a golden rule every working adult must follow in making any decision, especially when it comes to shopping for clothes! Sometimes, we buy something we like, but it just ends up at the back of our closets just because we don’t know what to wear them with.

The solution? These reversible pants! Coming in two colors, these pants are exactly where fashion meets functionality. No need to worry about getting your money’s worth because it’s easy to style this staple into different looks!

Have a look below to give you an idea on how to style these pants!


Basic Boxy Tee, P599 ; Skinny Mid Waist Denim, P999

Put on a classic white tee for the ultimate minimalist look and pair it with your go-to slip-ons!


Printed Resort Shirt, P899 ; Skinny Mid Waist Denim, P999

Think bold colors and patterns! Go retro and wear a vintage shirt with a loose fit to go with your body-hugging jeans for a nice contrast.


Mock Neck Tee, P599 ; Skinny Mid Waist Denim, P999

Feeling sophisticated, but you don’t want to look too stiff? Just wear a mock neck tee over a pair of blue jeans and pair it with some pointed flats!


Printed Camisole, P699 ; Skinny Mid Waist Denim, P999

Ready for an after-party? Change your nine-to-five top into a fun cami and show them what you can do on the dance floor!


Turtleneck Top, P599 ; Skinny Mid Waist Denim, P999

For 11AM business meetings, wear a form-fitting black turtleneck top and tuck it in the fitted jeans for an A+ classy look.


Bomber Jacket, P1299 ; Basic Round Neck tee, P599 ; Skinny Mid Waist Denim, P999

Going out for a walk in the park? Layer on a jacket for an added hot and cold weather protection! Not only do these pants look good, but you can even do some morning stretches with its versatile fit!


Short Sleeve with Tie Front, P899 ; Skinny Mid Waist Denim, P999

Ready to file your VLs? Put on a short-sleeve top with a quirky front tie detail to get into 100% vacation mode! Get comfy even while wearing these pants during your out-of-town trips!


Did these looks fuel your creative inspiration?

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