Old work habits die hard⁠—and that’s the truth. Whether you do it consciously or subconsciously, we all know these habits won’t just change overnight. But by putting in a little more effort everyday, these small changes will slowly but surely help you get that extra productivity push you need!

Grab a pen and pay close attention because here’s three little things you can do for a more productive day!

Plan ahead and make a to-do list!

Make sure to have a game plan before you start working! It’s a good idea to prepare yourself by having a gist of the things you’ll be tackling today. But do keep in mind that to-do lists shouldn’t be too complicated! Whether it be planning for a big project or just rearranging your wardrobe, all the tasks you list down should be doable within the day.

Set and track your time

Once you’ve established your to-do list, set and track the amount of time it takes for you to accomplish each task separately. Most often than not, people tend to overestimate how much time it takes for you to finish a task. When you take those short 10-minute breaks to check your phone, you unconsciously waste a lot of time. Taking note of your time keeps you accountable on how much time you’re wasting and helps you stay on track!

Take a break!

No matter how busy you are, regardless if you’re a workaholic, everybody needs a break. Get up from your desk, have a snack break, or maybe even plan for a spontaneous out-of-town trip! Taking a break helps refresh the mind and regain focus and creativity!

Now would be a good time to invest in a planner!

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